What Does Flooding Have To Do With Aggression In Dogs?

Flooding is a technique used to force dogs to be in the proximity of something that they are afraid of. Many people and trainers use it without having a clear understanding of how negatively it effects dogs. All too often, it’s done without even knowing they are flooding them. This is the most dangerous and how aggression ties in with flooding. 

What happens after a dog has been flooded, is that the stress of being forced into a scary situation builds up to a point where they may and often do lash out at a person, dog, child, etc. and this often won’t happen while a dog is being flooded, but after.

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Three Simple Nose Work Games to Play With Your Dog

Looking for an easy way to keep your dog busy? Do you want to find an activity for your dog that’s both fun and mentally stimulating? Start with some simple nose work games.

They’re easy to play, they can be done indoors, and dogs absolutely love them. And the best part is the only thing you need to get started is some yummy treats. Here’s how to teach your dog some basic nose work, and a few easy scent games to get you started. 

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